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by John Volz
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St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes by John Volz
John Volz
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St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes examines the one-hundred and twelve Popes Saint Malachy has predicted would become pontiff, and the author has hypothesized who may be the next/last Pope, Peter the Roman. There are three possibilities, as he sees it, and they are described at the end with reasons why they may or may not be chosen. The book contains over one hundred images.

From the Introduction:

In writing this book, I have set out to neither glorify nor assassinate the character of St. Malachy. I have always held an interest in prophecy, conspiracy theories, esoteric knowledge, and politics and religion in general without letting it get the best of me, at least in most cases, and my sincere hope is that this book is no exception. You can find articles all over the internet about St. Malachy and his Prophecy of the Popes, but they always seem biased, favoring one side or the other. Pro-Malachy sites ignore the huge leaps of faith that one sometimes has to take to make a prophecy fit, while anti-Malachy sites, usually from pro-Catholic sources, ignore the bullseyes Malachy has struck. This assumes that St. Malachy wrote them in the first place, but that, like the possible motives of Peter the Roman, is for another writer. There is validity to the idea that all prophesies made between the time it was supposedly written and later published, a span of hundreds of years, are suspect. The anti-Malachy types will be quick to point this out, while conveniently ignoring the accurate predictions made after the document's publication. This book is an attempt to meet somewhere in the middle.

Full disclosure: I was raised Catholic, but no longer consider myself one, so while I may have been indoctrinated with Catholic ritual and dogma, I don't have a dog in this fight. I harbor no adoring love or smoldering hatred of the Catholic faith; it simply isn't for me. One thing that carries over from my youth that you may notice, is that I can't seem to type the words Catholic and Pope without capitalizing them. I don't even know if I'm supposed to, but I certainly know what the old nuns that schooled me would have to say about that. They were knowledgeable about plenty of things, but they were superstitious and odd in others. It was a strange paradox to be educated by someone who could be a towering expert in mathematics, only to have that same nun-mathematician tell me that the devil lived inside my Bic pen. I never knew if she meant all Bic pens, or if my writings had convinced her that he resided in mine alone. If there was anything valuable to be learned, it taught me to question everything, so I suppose I should thank her... I didn't go out of my way to polish the reputations of the Popes of old, nor have I searched for the most salacious things to say about them. Alright, sometimes I did. They were hardly infallible in their personal lives, and sometimes aspects of them are mentioned that you won't hear about in Sunday school. I hope you enjoy the book, and my wish is that I can manage to occasionally put a smile on your face as you read about the "many tribulations" and the day when the "dreadful judge will judge his people".

Update from the Author: The new Pope was chosen yesterday, and originally I thought it was a complete miss by St. Malachy, but was it? The new Pope's last name is Bergoglio. Berg means mountain. Mountains are made of rock. Petrus is Latin for rock. Oglio is a river in Lombardy, Italy, and his parents came to Argentina from Italy. Perhaps Petrus Romanus wasn't so far off after all, but I must admit I missed it when researching this book. The three cardinals I thought were contenders were wrong, as I was looking for one named Peter. Like many of St. Malachy's predictions, this one is certainly obscure, but I suppose it remains to be seen if Bergoglio is the last Pope...


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