What kind of books do you prefer?

The best psychotherapist in the world to which you can only afford to enroll is a book. It's terrible to imagine what could happen to the world if there were no books. At first glance, boring and monotonous reading so effectively relaxes the nervous system, and harmonizes the process of vital activity in the human body, that psychologists would be left without work if all of humanity regularly read books. Psychologists say that fantastic works influence the best. Perhaps it will seem strange to you, but reading books increases self-esteem. Filling your knowledge, you become more erudite, which will allow you to express your opinion at the right moment, show knowledge in a certain situation, and this adds you balls to the experience, which betrays self-confidence. Reading is an excellent prevention of Alzheimer's disease. If you are not familiar with this disease, we recommend to find out, and then you will definitely pick up a book. Reading activates the work of the brain and it protects against this disease, which occurs when the brain activity is weakened. Activating the brain improves all vital processes and, on the whole, it has a positive effect on well-being.